Oleh: hurahura | 11 Februari 2011

International Seminar on Urban Heritage

Homage to Prof. Dr. Inajati Adrisijanti
Last November 2010, Prof. Dr. Inajati Adrisijanti has formally retired from Department of Archaeology Universitas Gadjah Mada after 36 years of her full dedication in the department. She started her career as an Indonesian Islamic archaeologist and has developed Islamic Archaeology specialization in the department. Throughout her career, she has become more popular as an archaeologist with special interest in Urban Archaeology and generally in Urban Heritage.

On March 2011 we will celebrate her achievement with an international seminar. The theme of the seminar will be Urban Heritage: Its Contribution to the Present. Hopefully, colleagues of archaeologists, architects, and planologists, students and all former students will share thoughts, ideas by presenting papers in the seminar. We hope we can discuss several aspects and current issues relate to the theme that will be useful and applicable for Indonesia.

Paper entering the seminar secretariat will be selected for its suitability with the theme and suitable papers will be presented in several paralel panel discussions. Currently we are thinking of several sub-themes for the panel discussion as follows: 1. Urban archaeology 2. Conservation and preservation issues of urban heritage 3. Managing urban heritage 4. Methods for urban planning. If you have a paper that you think outside the sub-themes please let us know. We are looking forward to meet you in the seminar.

Day/Date : Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Time : 07.30 (registration) – 16.30 WIB
Place : Auditorium of Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Jl. Sosiohumaniora, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta. 55281

Abstract must be written in English, maximum 300 words (deadline: January 31st, 2011). Full paper, preferably in English, must be received by the committee no later than March 7th, 2011.

Working Languages: 1. English 2. Bahasa Indonesia
Abstracts and full papers can be sent to: 1. Secretariat Seminar : urbanheritage.ugm2011@gmail.com 2. Ashwin Prayudi : ashwin.prayudi@gmail.com 3. Rooseline Linda : rooselinelinda@yahoo.com

If you need more detail information, you can contact Dr. Widya Nayati, M.A. on her email (widyanayati@yahoo.com)

Registration Fee:
Early bird : IDR 150,000.00. before February 28th, 2011. Normal : IDR 200,000.00.
Payment should be made via bank transfer to Fahmi Prihantoro rek No. 0038507370 BNI cab. UGM.
All participants will be provided with: refreshments, buffet lunch and seminar kit. Published seminar book not included.

Rapid urban development is very often have to sacrifice our urban heritage elements. From day to day, we often hear that the heritage building are demolished for the sake of development, while its tangible elements are neglected. This is because some consider that the heritages can not produce significant profit. Do we really need to protect all of the heritage? Some say that it is impossible to preserve all elements of urban heritage, which elements should be preserved and which are not. Do we rely define the proper use of the urban heritage elements? At the same time, we realize that our urban heritage provide us with national identity, but it is very often that we have a challenge how to balance between preserve the heritages and build the new infrastructures and build modern facilities for our cities. Other important issues are the types of management to manage it properly. Do the cooperation between government and private sectors really effective in Indonesia nowadays?

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